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“Empowering exceptional women to create their life!”

“Empowering exceptional women to create their life!”
You are a woman, middle-aged, very reflective and professional. You want to live your own and balanced life with self-confidence. You are used to putting other people’s needs in front of your owns – for your whole life. You feel the rising urge to take more care of yourself.
Yes, you are ready to live your life, a new life, which feels good for you. Right now you are looking to strengthen your self-confidence and how to create your new life without falling back into old habits when you go through the changes. These habits are old traditions and customs. They are very powerful. You are looking in vain for new role models.
I understand this … many years ago I started to re-organize my life in private and business environment. I found my calling as a coach for life changes. I started writing books and essays, became a teacher for adults and a speaker. Guess what, I love what I do, because I do what I love. I own my life and I enjoy every single moment. I reached my goal, although I had no role model. The road was bumpy and life often was more bitter than sweet.
You see, life experience gave me the expertise and the knowledge, how to handle changes and how to internalize gender communication. My work is based on empathy (Adlerian psychology). When you deal with the new issues, evolving from the changes, I share all this wisdom with you.
You will learn to live the changes and arrive in your new life. I am on your side and I encourage you to conquer your new life and feel good. Finally you communicate clearly with the people around you and your new mindset attracts whatever you love and need in your life.
You win new life energy, invest in your well-being and your health will be better than ever.
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