About me

“Empowering exceptional women to create their life!”

My personal point to move into change was pain, pain out of the blue. No longer able to walk, stand, sit or lay down, my therapists promised me to sit in a wheeled chair soon. Never ever, I said. I found support and caring.
I returned to life and I love high heels. Do you want to know why? They are a reminder and symbol for me: I walk forward on my own legs.
Oh, I happened to notice the following: I am a woman, who loves to dress like a woman, high heels and hats included. I was surprised, that I forgot this during my 3 decades in IT industry working exclusively with men.
Yes and yes, it took me quite a long time to get there. Reflecting these times, I slowly understood, that men and women are different, and they use different languages. My conclusion: In order to get even better relationships with the opposite sex, these different languages have to be studied like any other language.
I love languages, I speak German, English, French, Italian, I understand Dutch, Spanish, Romanian, a bit of Russian and Sign language. See, no surprise at all: I became an expert in the languages spoken by both genders, and I understand more than words.
I began to study people, but not on an academic basis – in daily life, very pragmatic, empirical. Finally I created a successful, reproducible method to facilitate and simplify the changes, the L.I.S.A.-Methode. “Actions speak louder than words.” Change happens when you start to act. You have to change yourself and not to be changed by others.

My dream is to bring more peace to this world by creating more understanding for each other. My work helps to

  • decrease divorce rates,
  • increase company revenues,
  • raise courage and hope.
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